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SIL 2016 News and Awards


The issue 66, June 2015, of SILnews is online at

The issue 65, December 2014, of SILnews is online at



Funding opportunities for students can be found in the section Sponsorship

International SIL student competition: the winner will present his/her study as a plenary lecture at the upcoming SIL Congress in Torino, Italy.

Click here for the relevant web page and the application form

SIL offers travel awards to students and early career limnologists who would otherwise be unable to participate in the congress, coming from the Wetzel Memorial Fund.

Click here for the relevant web page and the application form

Eligible applicants are SIL members that have not received the award in the past. 

Deadline for applications is 1 November 2015.

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Too late!

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deadlines of the congress





Click to visit the museum of the ancient limnological instruments




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